Understanding Embodied Carbon & Carbon Emissions

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Understanding Embodied Carbon & Carbon Emissions

In this online course session, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of carbon terminology and the critical importance of measuring carbon emissions. Explore the role of renovation and retrofit projects in effectively managing carbon emissions. Dive into practical insights as we demonstrate how cove.tool utilizes advanced calculations to assess carbon metrics, providing you with hands-on experience in navigating its workflow and interpreting results.
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Hardik Makrubiya

Computational Designer I
Hardik is Computational Designer at cove.tool, with a passion for revolutionizing the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry through data driven approach to sustainable design practice. His focus lies in three key areas: product development, research support, and strategic guidance for AEC industry. He is at the forefront of driving sustainability as a critical parameter in AEC organizations. He has Master of Architecture and Building Science/Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.